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Recently Released Features

You asked and we listened. Now we’re excited to share some new features and product enhancements that you can expect to see in the ONEder Academy online classroom!

Coming Soon

Live tracking of student activity within ONEder Academy.

Admin Dashboard

Our new Progress and Usage Dashboards allows district and school admins to monitor student progress as well as teachers and students usage of the curricula.

  • The progress section focuses on growth as well as students progress through the courses assigned to them.
  • The usage section answers the questions: How many teachers and students logged in to ONEder Academy on a weekly/monthly basis and how long did teachers and students spend working within ONEder Academy.

Find more information here: Admin Dashboard.

Admin Reports

  • To facilitate user management we added users list and rostering reports.
  • Whether you would like to to look into students progress on a high level or dive into the details we created both types of reports for each one of the courses.
  • Looking into teachers engagement? We created a report to present teachers weekly usage of our application.

Find more information here: Admin Reports.

Link sharing allows you to generate a single link to a course, unit, lesson, or assessment that can be placed in any learning management system (Google Classroom, Schoology) or communication tool (email, text, chat). This link will bring your students directly to the selected lesson or assessment.

To generate the link, click the “Get Shareable Link” button at the top of the course dashboard. Find more information here: Link to a specific lesson or assessment.

*Note: Students must be assigned to the lesson/assessment you are attempting to share.

Shareable Link-1

Selecting Lessons within a Course

There may be times educators would like to structure their instruction differently from that of ONEder Academy to better meet the needs of their individual students. For example, perhaps you only want to teach a specific unit of a course without having students navigating through content in other units unrelated to your goals. This new feature allows teachers to assign individual units and lessons along with specific assessments during course assignment.

To allow your students to skip specific units, lessons or assessments click on the
“eye” icon next to the units or lessons you would not like to assign. This type of course assignment can be adjusted if needed in the future on a student-by-student basis. Find more information here: Selecting lessons / assessments within a course.

Assignemnt optinos-1


Formative Assessments – Skipped/Missed Questions Alerts

Students will now be prompted to answer formative questions with pop ups, if missed or skipped, throughout the courses. This will enable students to easily answer questions and avoid skipping/missing questions. An alert will pop up for students when they skip a question. The pop will return students to the question that requires an answer. Also, students will be alerted at the end of a lesson that they have not completed all of the formative assessment questions and allow them to easily return to the unanswered questions. Click here for more information.


Updated Common Core Standard Alignment – Grades 7-12

The teacher guides of the Social Emotional Learning curriculum courses have been aligned to Common Core Standards for grades 7-12. We have also added a Common Core Standards Alignment Checklist located on the content tab under attachments.

CC Standards update

Update to the Learning Order and Pacing Functionality

The ONEder Team is excited to share our update to the learning order and pacing functionality. Now you will be able to update the learning order and manage pacing by adding/removing checkpoints for courses that are already in progress.

Teacher-Student Connection Activities

We are adding Teacher-Student Connection Activities to every lesson in our Social-Emotional Learning curriculum. These activities encourage authentic classroom discussions, student collaborations, and student-teacher interactions. We have more great content coming your way and are always here when you need us.


ONEder has posted the new activities for Discovering Self-Awareness and Developing Self-Management courses to ONEder Academy! You can find the activities in the Teacher Guide after each lesson plan. The Teacher Guide is located on the “Content” tab under attachments. All courses will be posted by March 2021.

Sign In With Google

Students that have emails connected to a Google account and their email address was added to their profile, will be able to log in using the “Sign In with Google” button. When students’ accounts are created by the district/school admin, students will receive a welcome email to either set up their password or proceed to signing in with Google. Students can skip the password set up step and log in by clicking on the “Sign In with Google” button.

Teachers that have emails connected to a Google account can log in using the “Sign In with Google” button after their account was created by the district/school admin.

Digital student Workbooks (Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and more!)

We released our Transition and SEL Student Workbooks in Google Docs format. This will allow students to submit their work online via Google Classroom or via email.

Please check the Content tab of each one of the courses, in the Teacher Portal to find the link to the course Google Drive. Learn more how to access Google Docs Student Workbooks on our Google Drive here.

Learning Order and Pacing

Teachers can now elect to deliver content to students out of sequential order by removing the locks at the unit and the lesson level. In addition, teachers will have the option to lock units or lessons to prevent students from moving beyond specific units or lessons.

To learn more about how to set the learning order or pacing for your students click here

Re-take assessments

Students will now be able to re-take assessments! Once a student has completed an assessment, the teacher will be able to reset the assessment so the student can re-take it. Note: The old grade will not be saved, nor will the grades be averaged if a student takes the assessment multiple times. The system will store the last grade.

Translation Read Aloud

In addition to having text in ONEder Academy courses translated into over 60 different languages, students will now be able to hear the content translated into the language they’ve selected.

You don’t need to do anything to get the latest features – they’ll happen automatically! For additional information, contact us at Support@ONEder.com.

Updated on March 21, 2021

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