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Managing Lessons

The Create page stores all of the lessons you have created or downloaded from the lesson Library. On this page you can filter lessons by Academic lesson or Functional lesson. You can also decide how you would like to view your lessons by grouping them by: Subject, Grade, Domain, or Location. Use the search bar to easily locate lessons.

On the bottom, right corner of each lesson tile there is a three dot menu. You will see options to: Collaborate, Share, Unpublish, Copy, Duplicate, or Delete the lesson.

Click Collaboration to share the lesson with another teacher. If you’d like the teacher to be able to make changes to the lesson, set the collaborator permissions to Edit. The teacher will see the lesson on his or her Create page and can make changes to it. You can also collaborate in view only mode, which means the collaborator will not be able to edit the lesson content.

Share allows you to publish the lesson to the one of the lessons libraries: Public, District, or School.

Unpublish lets you unpublish a previously published lesson.

Copy or Duplicate a lesson if you’d like to create a new version of the lesson without modifying the original lesson. If you have accounts at more than one school, you can use the Copy feature to copy and paste lessons to more than one account.

Use Delete to delete a lesson from your dashboard.

You will also notice the letter i on the top right corner of each of the lesson tiles. Hover over the i to learn more information about the lesson, including the lesson name, description, subject, grade, and standards. You will also see any lesson collaborators.

Updated on September 13, 2019

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