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Creating Student Profiles

Click Students at the top of the Home Page. You will see a list of Classes and Students assigned to you. Selecting a student will bring you to his or her Student Profile. The Student Profile is where you input information that customizes each student’s interaction with ONEder. Biographical information is listed on the left. On the right are accommodations. Select the pencil to edit accommodations. The box below accommodations is where you can enter the student’s Present Level of Performance (PLOP). You can find this information on the student’s IEP. The box below the PLOP is for indicating if the student receives alternate assessments in ELA or Math.

Lessons shows all of the lessons that have been assigned to the student.

Goals is where you input IEP goals for each student. Sort by Academic goal (ELA, Math, and Science) or Functional goal. Select Tracked Only from the top right side of the page to see only the goals the student is currently working on. Clicking Tracked Only again shows all goals, including goals that have been archived. The search box to the right of Tracked Only allows you to search for goals in the selected student’s profile.

Vocabulary is where you can access the vocabulary boards students use to communicate when using ONEder. Vocabulary boards consist of buttons and folders. Each button features a word and a corresponding picture. Folders can be used to classify sets of like words. You can add buttons and folders to the vocabulary boards by selecting the add and add folder icons on the top left side of the page. There are also icons for changing the grid configuration, changing vocabulary settings, and previewing what the student will see in the Player.

Locations is used to customize where you would like student lessons to be accessed and completed. Using ONEder on a tablet, students can access lessons from home, school, work, or any address you designate. Lessons tagged with a particular location will be available when the student is in these locations.

The Dashboard shows student progress toward the Academic and Functional goals you entered in the Student Profile. Click Report to generate a document that can be printed and shared.

Updated on September 13, 2019

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