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Creating, Assigning and Publishing Lessons

Let’s create a Lesson in ONEder! Log into ONEder.

On the top menu bar, click Create.

Hover over the + sign on the bottom right side of the page. You will see two options: New Lesson or Start From Library. Since we are creating a lesson from scratch, choose New Lesson.

A pop-up window will appear, providing options to add lesson details. Enter a lesson name and description. Choose whether the lesson is an academic lesson, aligned to academic standards, or a functional lesson.

For academic lessons, add the subject, grade and domain, and cluster and standard. Click Create.

For functional lessons, choose a location where the student will complete the lesson, a domain, and a sub-domain. Click Create.

You will now be on your lesson creation page, where you will see a variety of activity types that you can add to the lesson. You can choose from 12 activity types: Media, Story, Visual Schedule, Scene, Mixed Display, Choice Board, Matching, Sorting, Question, Independent, Web and Reading. Drag and drop as many activities as you like into your lesson. These activities will comprise your lesson. Click the blue pencil icon on any activity to edit the title and description.

For more information on how to create each of the different activity types, click here!

To choose which students will complete this lesson and which goals will be tracked for each student, click Assign on the top right side of the lesson creation page, which will take you to the Personalize page.

Drag and drop student profiles or classes to assign the lesson to them.

Click a student’s profile to view the student’s goals. Check off goals you’d like students to work on for this lesson. Click Publish to push the content to the student Player.

Updated on September 9, 2019

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