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Accessing and Navigating the ONEder Admin Portal

The ONEder Admin Portal contains all the tools that you, the district admin, will need to get your Staff, Students, and Stakeholders started using ONEder.

You should have received an email with your admin username and a link to set a password for the admin account. Once you’ve done that, browse to https://app.oneder.com and enter your admin username and password.

Note: if you also plan to create lessons and publish them to students, you’ll have gotten a separate teacher account for that. Make sure you keep track of the login credentials for each, but feel free to contact ONEder support at 646-278-9959 x3 if you ever need any help with this (or anything else).

The My District page is your main admin dashboard for your entire ONEder district. It contains links to all your administration tools, as well as basic information about your district, including the district name, the state you’re located in, the admin phone number(this should be your direct number), and the names of your ONEder sales and professional development representatives.

Updated on July 18, 2019

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