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Accessing & Navigating the Player

The ONEder Player is where your students go to find the lessons and activities you’ve published for them. There are two ways to access the ONEder Player: either by downloading the app the App Store or Google Play or by going to app.oneder.com on a desktop or laptop computer and logging in with the student’s username and password. (Note: it is recommended that you use the app rather than a web browser on a mobile device to ensure a complete user experience.)

The first thing your student will see upon logging in to the Player is the Lessons page, containing all the lessons they’ve had published to them. You can use the controls at the top of the screen to filter the view by lesson type (MathELAScience, or Functional), or use the Show filter to display lessons by strand or domain.

After selecting a lesson, the student will be presented with a list of included activities to choose from.

The ONEder Player automatically checks for and downloads new and updated lessons at login, but must have a working internet connection to do so. If it doesn’t, you can manually update the ONEder Player once your device’s internet connection has been restored by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the screen and selecting Update Content.

From that same menu, you can access the ONEder Player’s Settings page and customize the user experience by adjusting the background color of the home page, adjust the speech rate of the the synthesized voice and text-to-speech features, change the color used for the highlighted text accommodation, and adjust the font size used for the large print accommodation.

Updated on July 12, 2019

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