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Accessing & Navigating the Parent Portal

The ONEder Parent Portal is where you can view your child’s progress toward the predefined goals created for them by their teachers. You can access it by browsing to app.oneder.com on your computer, and logging in with the username you were provided with and the password you set when your account was created. If you forget either, they can be recovered using the Forgot Username and Forgot Password links on the login page.

The dashboard you see after logging in displays an overview of your child’s progress as measured in several different categories. Some of the metrics their goal mastery progress is measured by include breakdowns of the data by mastery level, by domain, and over time, as well as usage statistics including number of sessions and activities tracked.

The REPORT button in the upper-right corner exports the details on this page into a PDF file you can download for offline viewing. Select the data you want the report to include, then click GENERATE REPORT to download it to your local computer.

Updated on July 12, 2019

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